New Moon Circle

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Saturday, June 29 ▴ 11:00am to12:30pm

The Artist Collective ▴ TAC7Bergen
7 Bergen Rd, Westwood, NJ

Facilitated by Kristi Leigh of Enodia Center

Please bring a journal and pen, and something comfortable to sit on (mat, cushion, etc.) If you do require a chair, please let us know ahead of time and we will be very happy to accommodate you!

Spots are limited and pre-registration is required.

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The New Moon is a beautiful time of pure potentiality and marks the beginning of a new cycle. This is the most fertile time for setting intentions, planting seeds, and getting in alignment with what we would like to cultivate for the month ahead. In doing so not only do we connect with the lunar cycle and the cycles found in nature, but we connect with our own personal cycles, our inner landscape, intuition, and our wild feminine selves. We do this in circle in order to support each other, empower each other, and to stand together as women because when women gather, magic happens!

For this New Moon circle we will be exploring the power of the New Moon in the sign of Cancer, experiencing a guided visualization that will allow you to explore your inner depths, sharing with the group, a creative ritual and setting of intentions for the month ahead.

This circle is affiliated with the Wild Woman Project. For more info on the WWP mission, please check out